MCTB Energy

So, we diligently investigate the ultimate truth of our experience, and this can actually be really invigorating once we get into it. Just as playing video games can be very exciting, we have lots of sensations coming in all the time that are screaming to be understood. When we rise to this challenge, things can really begin to jump. Once we have sorted out what is mind and what is body and begun to see a bit of the Three Characteristics, this in itself can produce lots of energy, the third of the seven factors. This can be just a bit scary at first until we get used to how quick and powerful our minds can be. As mentioned in the Five Spiritual Faculties, energy is a very good thing, as it obviously energizes our practice. We can almost always call up just a bit more energy when we need it, and this is a good thing to realize. However, being mindful and investigating diligently can also lead to increased energy, so now you have more than one way to go about this! Thank you, Seven Factors of Enlightenment!

MCTB Rapture