MCTB Inklings of One More Model

The last model is one that is hinted at by a line in The Visuddhimagga which states that Desire for Deliverance, Re-observation and Equanimity are one. This cryptic phrase may mean many things. One of them is that the content of these three stages is likely to be largely the same, while the relationship to it may change dramatically. It could also be used as justification for a third model that put these three together in the fourth jhana. Further, as the fourth vipassana jhana is about equanimity concerning formations, one might presume that one would have had to perceive formations at an earlier stage, such as the previous two, in order to have had the necessary time and experience to come to equanimity concerning them.

Go see for yourself and consider which of these three models presented here fits with your actual experience, or throw this book and all of its models out the window and investigate the Three Characteristics precisely regardless of what happens! Actually, such decisions might be better made after reading the next chapter…

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