Microcosmic Orbit

This is a practice that works with each of the different centers along the path of the microcosmic orbit. There are a total of 9 points that are worked with. The practice is to visit each one in order and spend some time there – breathing in and out through that center – until there is some sense of activity there and then to move on to the next. If, after several breaths, there is no sensation just move on to the next center. You just keep going around and around for 20 or 30 minutes. At a certain point this circuit tends to open up and the circulation happens on its own.

The 9 points that you work with are (in order of practice): Du Qi, Hui Yin (perineum), Wei Lu (coccyx), Ming Men, Da Zhui , Yu Zhen, Bai Hui (crown), Yin Tang, Shan Zhong. This diagram shows the location of these points (as well as others that are not part of this practice).

Starting with Du Qi, breathe in and out through this center slowly several times with your attention focused on this point. Try to feel energy moving in and out or any sensation such as warmth, etc. After a few breaths move on to the next center (Hui Yin in this case) and repeat. Keep moving from one to the next in the order given. If there is a sense of energy wanting to move along with your attention then let it do its thing – don't force it.

This practice is very good at stimulating and opening centers along the Du and Ren meridians.