No-Dog is a term coined by Kenneth Folk and refers to a trans-jhanic state in which the other states and stages may move through without disturbing the fact that attention is turned to the No-Dog, which is like a different perspective on reality in which the focus is just on the state itself rather than the specifics of what is arising. The term state really doesn't do this attainment justice, as it is really more like a global perceptual mode.

The term is a shortened form of the phrase "I have no dog in this fight," which implies that one has no investment in the outcome, or no investment in what state or stage arises.

This attainment and perspective is also referred to by Kenneth and some others as turning attention to The I AM, with reference to the works and teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

The No-Dog is also sometimes contrasted with its logical opposite, The Some-Dog, which is the ordinary, invested way of perceiving what arises, and is the default mode when not in No-Dog.

The No-Dog is a very profound way of perceiving reality, and its feeling of transcendence is very compelling.

There is controversy, uncertainty and debate surrounding who may attain to the No-Dog, with some speculating that it in its full form it is only accessible to those who are at least early arahats, but some claim that it can be attained much earlier, possibly even by those below stream entry.