Pure Land One

Pure Land One is so named because it is the first of the Pure Land Jhanas, or those jhanas that one doesn't get tired of because they are so good.

It typically follows after The Eighth Jhana for those who look for it though it can be accessed directly by talented practitioners.

It combines some of the best aspects of The Formless Realms, namely their openness and restful width and some aspects of the equanimity of The Fourth Jhana, though adds some qualities from The Material Jhanas as well, such as some blissful aspects reminiscent of The Second Jhana, and to these it adds a deep sense of gratitude, which is the hallmark of the state. It writes very nice qualities on the mind but, like all the samatha jhanas, is a temporary attainment, in that it doesn't last, though its afterglow may linger.

For those who continue looking, one may find Pure Land Two after it.

I have attained this and am a stream enterer. Calling myself an anagamin seems to be going too far. It surely can't be true you have To be an anagamin, going by pragmatic dharma definitions.