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Arising and Passing (A&P)
Everything related to Arising and Passing should go here.
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Dealing with the Dark Night
Everything related to dealing with the Dark Night, Dukkha Ñanas, 3rd Vipassana Jhana, etc. can go here.
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Direct Pointing
For the specific tradition of Direct Pointing.
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All non-dual and immediate focused discussions.
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Discussions that cross traditions boundaries should go here.
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Practices Inspired by Actualism
... but not endorsed by the Actual Freedom Trust. For active discussion about actualism, see .
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Samatha-Vipassana: Tranquillity and Insight, Hand-in-Hand
Discussion about developing samatha and vipassana in conjunction.
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Stream Entry
Everything about how to attain stream entry that is specific to that goal can go here regardless of tradition.
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The Maps in General
Anything general about meditation maps of insight here.
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The Middle Paths (2nd and 3rd)
For topics of practice related to the middle paths or intermittent phase of enlightenment, post here.
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All Vajrayana/Tantric wisdom practices should go here.
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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style
For discussion of Mahasi style noting and related vipassana practices
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Vipassana: others, such as Thai Forest, Goenka, etc.
For the discussion of other vipassana traditions
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Zen-specific practices and techniques should go here.
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Showing 14 results.
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A no-free-will issue Intfere S. 14 4058 Date: 7/21/12 2:42 AM
By: (D Z) Dhru Val
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Distinguishing Rupa/Nama, Open Eye Practice, Notes, Fabrications, Formation Mind over easy 1 2015 Date: 7/19/12 9:59 AM
By: Mind over easy
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Cycles/cessations/experiences: Some technical questions wylo . 6 3181 Date: 4/17/12 11:08 AM
By: wylo .
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Daniel's Practice Thread T. Dan S- 8 3240 Date: 3/22/12 1:58 PM
By: Yadid dee
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Random voices while meditating N A 12 8502 Date: 2/7/12 5:13 AM
By: katy steger,thru11.6.15 with thanks
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intense fear from breathing Beoman Claudiu Dragon Emu Fire Golem 13 5966 Date: 1/1/12 2:35 AM
By: James Yen
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equanimity practice Waiting for an Answer paia rauten 6 7125 Date: 11/27/11 8:18 PM
By: paia rauten
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Beautiful Savagery - Taming Anger, The Demon Of Hell adamas john zerbu 1 4481 Date: 11/24/11 1:58 AM
By: adamas john zerbu
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Theravada meditation teacher on Realising Anatta through direct pointing Elena Joy 4 6920 Date: 11/23/11 4:40 PM
By: Tommy M
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How to end the seeking: Direct Pointing vs from 'Who Am I?" inqui Elena Joy 1 4722 Date: 11/13/11 1:41 AM
By: Elena Joy
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Backsliding through insight stages T. Merganser 6 5676 Date: 10/31/11 7:23 PM
By: T. Merganser
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Insight practice techniques in the Dark Night T. Merganser 3 3998 Date: 10/30/11 7:40 PM
By: T. Merganser
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A 'letting go'-approach that worked for me Stian Gudmundsen Høiland 2 3864 Date: 10/27/11 11:49 AM
By: Brian Eleven
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'How is this?' & 'This is known' Stian Gudmundsen Høiland 2 3193 Date: 10/20/11 2:45 PM
By: Tommy M
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crazy wisdom adamas john zerbu 1 2557 Date: 10/20/11 8:00 AM
By: adamas john zerbu
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One taste adamas john zerbu 1 2609 Date: 10/20/11 7:55 AM
By: adamas john zerbu
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What about jnana? Conor O'Higgins 7 4517 Date: 10/7/11 3:04 AM
By: Daniel M. Ingram
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What should I actually be doing right now? Rich - 3 3620 Date: 10/3/11 10:19 AM
By: Beoman Claudiu Dragon Emu Fire Golem
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The hall of mirrors Stian Gudmundsen Høiland 2 3122 Date: 10/1/11 12:56 PM
By: Stian Gudmundsen Høiland
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Phala need not be cessation of perception Mahasi phala often nirodha samap. Daniel B 10 105851 Date: 9/14/11 9:41 PM
By: Ross A. K.
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