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Dharma Diagnostic Clinic, aka "What was that?"

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is seeing lights indicative of entering a certain jhana? alexander a mixon 4 2789 Date: 9/27/17 10:28 AM
By: Alesh Vyhnal
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Is that equanimity? Waiting for an Answer twinlamp 5 2106 Date: 9/25/17 9:24 AM
By: twinlamp
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Please help a beginner diagnose Waiting for an Answer Eugene 6 2195 Date: 9/24/17 7:24 AM
By: shargrol
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A little help, please... Waiting for an Answer Daniel John Cuommo 5 2376 Date: 9/21/17 4:51 AM
By: Not two, not one
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Feeling VS Thinking one is feeling (Qi Gong, Vipassana, Anapana) Waiting for an Answer David Starflower 5 2174 Date: 9/19/17 4:44 AM
By: jonjohn
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Anyone else expierence this? Help Jas 7 2687 Date: 9/17/17 7:24 PM
By: svmonk
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Insomnia gone, practice diminished Resolved Alejandro Duarte 3 1591 Date: 9/17/17 4:45 PM
By: David Starflower
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I new here, new to meditating, and I can't sleep! Resolved Alejandro Duarte 14 3996 Date: 9/12/17 4:21 PM
By: Change A.
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Heart beating like crazy during meditation Maël 13 13611 Date: 9/9/17 4:48 PM
By: Maël
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Diagnosing non-dual experience Waiting for an Answer Not two, not one 17 4021 Date: 9/3/17 10:19 AM
By: seth tapper
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Progress of insight and guidance for further practice BlueSky 7 2695 Date: 8/31/17 10:09 PM
By: Yilun Ong
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Experience of pure awareness Waiting for an Answer Amr El-Nowehy 6 2658 Date: 8/27/17 10:03 PM
By: T DC
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What insight stage am I at? Waiting for an Answer Henry Freeman Melville 3 1935 Date: 8/23/17 8:13 PM
By: Henry Freeman Melville
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Loss of self Waiting for an Answer Srdjan Slobodan Laketa 30 7322 Date: 8/11/17 2:09 PM
By: Srdjan Slobodan Laketa
An Almost Non Dual State Except for Uncomfortable Sensations and Caution Waiting for an Answer Bianca 4 2229 Date: 8/2/17 12:30 PM
By: Jo Jo
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A good post to make in the dharma diagnostics part of the forum... shargrol 6 2858 Date: 7/29/17 6:38 AM
By: neko
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Dukkha nanas or Three Characteristics? Tim 12 4956 Date: 7/25/17 11:28 AM
By: Ed Ge
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The background of things ivory 2 1598 Date: 7/23/17 1:41 PM
By: Doctor Avocado
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Difficulty in practise due to pain Resolved Lars 17 3934 Date: 7/23/17 12:25 AM
By: Lars
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Bliss and beautiful feeling when reading Dharma materials This very moment 3 1947 Date: 7/12/17 12:43 PM
By: This very moment
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