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Dear All, The remarkable Manish is about to backup and upgrade Liferay to Liferay 7. This is the fundamental platform on which the DhO runs. As such, anything posted from about now (January 23, Saturday, at around noon Central Time) will likely be lost until the upgrade is complete. Thus, stop posting anything you wish to last now until this is done! Thanks! -Daniel, Owner of the DhO



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Magick and The Powers

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Siddhis for "World Peace"? Resolved John 6 5773 Date: 7/16/15 3:26 PM
By: Distant Admirer
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Power to catch my sister's murderer Resolved Rob Stitt 6 4814 Date: 6/24/15 8:08 AM
By: Rob Stitt
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Genekeys and The Siddhis Mattias Wilhelm Stenberg 3 6823 Date: 6/24/15 6:19 AM
By: Mattias Wilhelm Stenberg
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Relation between Enlightenment and knowledge of "stuff" Michał G. 17 6031 Date: 6/23/15 8:55 PM
By: Eva Nie
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Magic Circles and the Four Kings Jana Vasabha 4 4922 Date: 6/18/15 5:08 PM
By: John Wilde
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The Quantum Woo Zone Ryan J 10 9433 Date: 6/12/15 12:09 PM
By: Stick Man
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Guide on Willpower and GTD (Getting Things Done) Richard Zen 20 17471 Date: 4/26/15 1:01 PM
By: Richard Zen
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Doesn't ritual magick mess with your karma? Pål 26 12804 Date: 3/8/15 5:06 PM
By: P K
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The greatest magical spell ever casted, or, an example of why magic matters Ryan J 27 13256 Date: 3/8/15 11:57 AM
By: Ryan J
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Fear of Psychic Powers Blue Jay 16 10621 Date: 3/8/15 1:49 AM
By: SeTyR ZeN
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Omniscience -- so what? Dada Kind 15 6899 Date: 2/13/15 4:50 PM
By: T DC
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There is no oblivion Tom Tom 21 8645 Date: 2/11/15 7:44 PM
By: Dada Kind
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Is this man dead? Or is he meditating? Kenneth Folk 10 5764 Date: 2/9/15 3:24 PM
By: Kenneth Folk
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Liber 440 Book of Perfection Waiting for an Answer James Phillip Turpin 1 4425 Date: 2/5/15 4:22 PM
By: James Phillip Turpin
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One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge Tom Smith 27 12336 Date: 1/19/15 5:33 PM
By: Chris Marti
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Anyone else usig Ajahn Lee's "Method 1" for concentration? Florian 12 9533 Date: 1/13/15 12:17 AM
By: Suriyopama
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How to have visions?? Morgan Taylor 10 15414 Date: 12/11/14 9:49 PM
By: A. Dietrich Ringle
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Practice Update Daniel M. Ingram 17 11778 Date: 12/10/14 11:17 AM
By: Ernest Michael Olmos
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I visited a deva realm last night :) Not Tao 65 45641 Date: 12/7/14 5:20 PM
By: Daniel - san
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Knowing other minds Jeremy May 30 17765 Date: 11/5/14 4:44 PM
By: H McElroy
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