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Claims to Attainments

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Several months after SE, what's life like for me? Travis Gene McKinstry 98 59263 Date: 7/8/18 8:28 PM
By: Henry wijaya
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Ajahn Jayasaro - Talking About Enlightenment (Video) Noah D 6 1029 Date: 7/8/18 7:42 AM
By: Tashi Tharpa
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Statistics of Sudden Awakenings Kim Katami 81 36248 Date: 7/6/18 3:04 AM
By: Kim Katami
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Am I Equanimous or Just Grasping? Resolved Simon Minelli 4 783 Date: 6/29/18 10:10 AM
By: Simon Minelli
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Stream Entry Resolved Adrien Lancaster 9 3684 Date: 6/27/18 10:18 PM
By: Thich Nhat Han Solo
Cycles of Light and Dark: What is this? Resolved Mind Hacker 3 570 Date: 6/19/18 5:12 PM
By: Mind Hacker
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RE: Question for Daniel Daniel M. Ingram 1 761 Date: 6/12/18 4:39 PM
By: Daniel M. Ingram
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Dharma essay - Three kinds of partial liberation (long) curious 5 915 Date: 6/6/18 4:21 AM
By: curious
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Somewhat drenched in doubt, or am I? Resolved ett nolltre 9 1053 Date: 5/8/18 5:51 AM
By: ett nolltre
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Remembering what was never forgotten Jas 3 552 Date: 5/2/18 5:51 AM
By: alguidar
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SE, or is it? Frightful experiences, loss of control. Is this safe? Waiting for an Answer Gleid 3 735 Date: 4/25/18 7:17 PM
By: Gleid
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Having no thoughts or emotions in daily life (help) Waiting for an Answer Marvin2000 5 1776 Date: 4/19/18 11:09 AM
By: Marvin2000
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Request for feeeback on an experience Josh 5 606 Date: 4/17/18 10:15 AM
By: Josh
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Can I claim an attainment? Alexander Price Maricich 8 1314 Date: 4/5/18 10:46 PM
By: JohnM
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New interview with Daniel on Taft's podcast Ward Law 5 1129 Date: 4/4/18 8:52 AM
By: Ostaron
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Did I hit first jhana? Rebecca P 9 1110 Date: 4/3/18 6:31 PM
By: Rebecca P
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Is this enlightenment? Tom 18 3472 Date: 2/23/18 3:49 PM
By: Death
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Mysterious early attainment. Resolved Paul Fanshawe 18 2102 Date: 2/11/18 10:27 PM
By: Anna L
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Metta - Brahmaviharas advice Bhumi 3 988 Date: 1/3/18 9:28 AM
By: This very moment
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I am Sotāpanna, and so can you ;-) Small Steps 20 28608 Date: 12/16/17 11:29 AM
By: lance
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