Meaning ?

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Meaning ?

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I’m new to meditation, about 4weeks and about 45 min/day. Some independent research and some on-line instruction. I saw Daniel Ingram on  Robert Wright’s show and that brought me here. I wanted to relay my experience during meditation today. I had a very pleasant experience where it seemed like some entity reached out a hand and cupped my chin and said “welcome lovely student.” I found myself trying hard to have to have both hands cup my chin but that didn’t happen. Then the phone rang and it all faded away. I’m just curious if anyone else has had this type experience and what it might mean if anything. Thanks and Peace to all.
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RE: Meaning ?

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Crockett, lots of weird stuff can happen during meditation... and also nothing weird can happen. There's lots of variations among people.

Could you say more about what it felt like? and whether things like this have happened to you before? (Some people feel like they are always in touch with other being/entities and other people never/rarely have this experience and it's kind of freaky.)