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Demon summoning; working with demons, using grimores - What’s it all mean??

Lately..(as of the last couple years.. off n on), I had been on this quest for answers to what exactly does happen when one summons a demon or begins a relationship with a demon, to get some form of assistance of help from said demon?

From Youtube videos to blogs to websites, I’ve found the information and people’s experiences, to be a little vague. I cannot understand what the person summoning a demon would ‘see’ or if they’d actually see a demon materialise in front of them. Or would it be more something that’s ‘felt’? In which case, how would the person be certain it IS a demon they’ve called and not them, deluding themselves?

Ive read a little about some of the demons in The Lesser keys of Solomon, and whilst I understand there are dangers involved, for the most part, getting any form of assistance or guidance from demons, seem alright... especially with some demons being able to gift skills and abilities to humans ,( the person summoning). Speaking of dangers involved with summoning demons?.. I’ve never come across any site or anyone’s blogs that explained or detailed their bad experiences with demons- Could this just mean that their experience was so bad that they never had a chance to tell/ warn anyone??

If anyone can help me with some answers to my questions, I’d be grateful! If anyone has or is actively working with any demons of the Goetia, if you’d be willing to share your experiences with me- I’d be super grateful!!!

RE: Demon summoning; working with demons, using grimores - What’s it all me
10/29/18 8:43 PM as a reply to Initium Novum.
There are some caveats for this subject.  Health, ethics, sanity & balanced lifestyle always come first.  Emptiness comes second: do you understand that everything you experience is constructed & dependent on everything else, thus none of it is "real"?  Can you rouse a general mood of detached humor & self-acceptance as a framework for the whole path & this as just a part of it?  That said...

"Demons" seems like a subset of the broader group of non-human/non-physical-reality entities, doesn't it?  There are various levels, including those of the archetypal, related to specific cultures, but there may also be entities which do not fit easily into the molds of human expectation that we are aware of.  In general, it may be possible to sense a being using any of the senses:, 

Different people will have different senses that appear as prominent & levels of sensory clarity + absorption.  There is also a range of independence/magick of the being.  On one end, you are obviously creating/generating, on another, they are independent. 

The rules of concentration apply when creating the figure.  Sustaining a sense of interest in the details, moment-by-moment + modulating your energy level up & down (depending on the hindrances) is advised.

Practicing the generation of beings works best in the context of service.  It is awesome to have fun along the way, but is your end goal related to doing good in the world?

RE: Demon summoning; working with demons, using grimores - What’s it all me
10/29/18 9:23 PM as a reply to Initium Novum.
You've been reading for a couple of years about contacting a demon without actually doing anything, huh?

Therein lies my problem... well some of it- I do fully understand the sacrifices / changes, I’d need to make and I’m prepared to do so. It’s the ‘during’ and ‘after’ that I’m unsure about: What / Whom, would be or could be negatively affected by my actions of doing this.

Whilst sure it has its appeal but having my every material whim catered to by a demon, is NOT what I’m really after here. And to a degree,.. if I achieve my end results, it WILL be adding good to the world. I don’t want to be diving into something without knowing that the steps / rituals, I carry out, ARE actually the correct things to be done. On the one side, the summoning would simply not work or the worse side, it WILL work but if I have missed something or done something incorrectly, a demon comes through angry/ offended!

RE: Demon summoning; working with demons, using grimores - What’s it all me
10/29/18 11:48 PM as a reply to Edward Prunesquallor.
Well yes,.. I didn’t see it fitting to just wing it or dive right in after reading what random people posted online or from grimoires that I’ve found online. 

RE: Demon summoning; working with demons, using grimores - What’s it all me
10/30/18 7:03 AM as a reply to Initium Novum.
There are two beliefs:
(1) Magick happens psychogically. Psychological changes then influence your environment.
(2) Magick realms are part of this reality. Magick entities exist on their own.

Either way you want to see it - it will produce changes, for the worse or for the better.
Even if a demon is made up by your psyche, it can really **** you up.

The safe way to do it is:
(A) Have a good (insight) practice for the benefit of all beings.
( B ) Choose a deity known for spiritual/loving/healing aspects, like Jesus, Buddha, enlightened historical figures etc.
(C) Create a relationship based on mutual respect and with non-harming outcome for you and others.

Same is possible with demons or made up beings of course, but consequences are on you, always...

RE: Demon summoning; working with demons, using grimores - What’s it all me
10/31/18 2:59 AM as a reply to Initium Novum.
Why not work with angels instead? 

I’ve been put off with so many claiming to ‘know’ or be able to ‘teach’ one to contact and work with their own guardian angel. Near all of them always wanted money for their ‘help’ or information. Coming from a some what mixed ‘religious’ background, maybe has skewed my views on people offering help to others when it came to contacting Angel’s - To ask for a fee or a small amount of money is one thing but when they start asking for hundreds of dollars; continued paid ‘membership’, only to receive some generic stuff on angels; numerology etc- I just switch off.