Whats all this?

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Whats all this?

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Edit: Im sorry, I did not feel comfortable sharing all these experiences after all just yet. Moderators can delete this if they feel like it.

I will just trust the uncertainty for now emoticon

May all beings be lovingly fulfilled!

Thank you
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RE: Whats all this?

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And also a big thing i remember was these body lockdowns where I was awake but my body was frozen. Likealmost every night. I was really scared about them and would scream for help. Of course nothing would happen or move first,but after a huge struggle I got my body to awaken. I was always too scared to really investigate this phenomena. No one I knew and told about this had these experiences which added to my fright.

Hello Marko, 

Welcome! The above caught my attention and thought you may want to take a look at this:


I used to get it in streaks from time to time as well.

I'm sorry I don't have much else in the form of advice. Perhaps someone more experienced can jump in. You seem to be doing great investigation. Just be sure to be gentle with yourself!

Best wishes! 

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RE: Whats all this?

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Hi there Marko!

You've definately come to the right place as there are many people here who have experienced what you've gone through emoticon At first I'd advice you to read about the Arising and Passing Away event that is one ot the stages of insight one goes through when applying meditative inquiry or just generally being aware of life in a certain way. Sound familiar? emoticon

I'd also like to point you to Kim Katami's blog with regards to the expereiences of precense or masters and various energetics etc. He is one of the few who I've come accross who talks about these things in a lucid manner. It has helped me to come to terms with these sorts of experiences (although I never had such intense experiences that you seem to have had, based on the desciption). I now consider them to be the founding blocks of my practise.  This is a good post to start reading.

I'm a bit short on time at the moment, so I will have to leave this a bit short. Feel free to ask more questions!
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RE: Whats all this?

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Yeah, sleep paralysis, thats the word emoticon

Yes I started reading the maps, I feel like they really help get the determination and intellectual conviction that the path is real, not only intuitively. but also feel caucious that I misinterpret them and just inflate the ego. I have had such grandiose delusions in this process, Oh the shame emoticon
I definately have to take this more lightly.

I wrote a lot more but after all I was not so comfortable at sharing all this.

And wow, thank you.
How convenient that this man from the Open Heart website you linked is from Finland too!
Sweet syncronicities. emoticon
Im definately going to see and talk to him.