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Strange Experience
5/18/09 1:35 AM
Author: BozhidarMihaylov
Forum: Dharma Overground Discussion Forum

Hi.I'm new to Buddhism,meditation and this site.I have read a few books(mostly Zen) and meditated a bit.However i stopped until i stumbled upon Daniel Ingram's book(MCTemoticon.Given that I'm a science guy i find it magnificently pragmatical and down to earth.
I am a bit scared because the following happened yesterday:before going to bed i meditated(just paying attention to my breath).After that
when i went to bed and I was in a really peaceful state(I'm a bit edgy and that is not usual for me).Before i closed my eyes my vision started to darken(while it was already dark in the room i was able to see everything before that).It was as if i was watching a huge monitor and it's pixels were burning out in small groups.I got scared and and the adrenalin ended it thus stopping it from "taking" the few last spots of vision.After that i got curious and somehow focused and managed to conjure this state a few more times(with diminishing returns).I'm in the beginning of MCTB
and i realise this all must be described there but because i have to study for exams its not possible for me to read it very fast(i think that its more useful to use the precious time for practice).So please give me some explanation.I think its too early for me to experience such bizarre states.

RE: Strange Experience
5/18/09 1:56 AM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Hi Bozhidar,

Maybe you hit a jhana state - after emerging, the mind is calm and bright and can do some really surprising things.

Don't worry about it. If the experience repeats, you will learn more about it; if it's a one-time event, it was just that.

Continue practicing, and if you can't afford the time to read the entire book, just read the chapter on the "progress of insight". Improved meditation skills and intense "raptures" (extraordinay experiences) tend to occur during the "A&P" phase, and it's very important to know a few things about the "dark night" that follows.

Good luck with your exams!


RE: Strange Experience
5/19/09 12:35 AM as a reply to Wet Paint.
I think Florian is probably right that you got into some kind of jnana state. That would be the peaceful state. When you get some concentration going some pretty weird stuff can happen with vision. For example in the dark I can often see the room better with my eyes closed than I can with them open. If you aren't used to that sort of thing it can be a little unnerving! It was really good that you played around with it.

As for it being to early for you to experience such bizarre states, don't be too sure. Daniel crossed the A&P fooling around with trying to make flying dreams happen when he was 15. I crossed the A&P when I was 18 a few hours after saying the sinners prayer along with a televangelist for goodness sake! Others here mention childhood experiences.

Also very important, don't forget your exams!


RE: Strange Experience
5/19/09 11:53 PM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Author: BozhidarMihaylov

Thanks guys!I'll continue practicing.

RE: Strange Experience
5/20/09 4:10 AM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Author: vveerrnn

Hi - I just read your experience... a long while back I wrote something similar as I meditated and looked into a big mirror... here are the two journal entries:

Since then I've had many times when the mind is very calm and thought is absent and the vision will start dropping things away - an entire mountain disappeared in front of me at the top of a temple here in Thailand.

Maybe it's something like you had... I was not in jhana in any of these - but it appears to be a pre-jhana state, but no thought is occuring at all... Hope these are similar to your experience...