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10/4/10 1:00 AM
I find that if I am in close contact with people, they are more and more often verbalizing what I'm thinking at that moment. Everyone has had this, but what about when you're thinking random thoughts like "I want to eat some chocolate" and still people seem to pick up on it? It's like your thoughts aren't private (in a non-schizoid sort of way).

The other thing I've noticed is that if I relax, my body, others near me will also. This happens without them even seeing me. Say i might be watching TV sitting beside someone who isn't even looking at me, and I decide to consciously relax deeply. I don't move my body, or sigh or make any noises, and yet the second I do it, the person next to me takes a big breath and sighs and stretches out. This happens *so frequently* as to be well beyond chance.

It's like there's invisible connections between people. I've tried extending this concept and have found I can influence people to do different behaviours by thinking different thoughts, although i must say that sometimes I'm not sure if part of it is due to different body language I might be using. Makes me wonder if I am reacting to people in the same way without knowing it. I guess i must be.

By far the most unusual thing was one day I was doing some .... let's call it "energy work" on my friend. I told her to close her eyes and I held my hands next to her head, not touching. I forcefully cleared my mind. Her eyes went bananas, flickering and rolling up into her head after about 30 seconds. She seems to be particularly susfeptible because I know I'm not the only one who will have this effect, and I may not be doing anything special at all. But one day she really relaxed into it and opened her eyes half way through and started saying odd things with a completely blank look in her eyes. Freaked me out a bit. Could have just been deep trance, but I wasn't using any voice at all, just placing my hands near her head. I've done this with her maybe 10 times, and each time the rolling eyes and flickering eyelids appear within 30 seconds. One time i decided to face my hands outwards so that the palms were facing away from her head, without her knowing it. Same placement, but palms facing outwards. What happened? Almost nothing...very slight eyelid flickering, similar to light trance. So something comes through the hands it seems. All very odd.

Who else has noticed stuff liek this?