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Inner Spontaneous Sound as Support

Inner Spontaneous Sound as Support
1/6/19 4:02 AM
There is a book being published on Medium.com, "Tranquillity's Secret," on the subject of the use of inner spontaneous sound as support for meditation. 

The book is a big one, nearly 800 pages in paperback format. It’s that big because it is a collection of related writings: a set of meditation practices which are fairly simple, but which require detailed instructions since they are being communicated via text and not one-on-one guidance. However, the practices use this unusual support in place of the breath—which is the more common, but deficient in particular ways, support today. This then necessitates an explanation of the support’s uniqueness, part of which entails detailed quotations from current and ancient writings and related explanations, on this particular meditation support. But these all come from various spiritual traditions, and none of them are framed within our modern mechanistic materialism, thus there is a necessity to explain how how things differ from how they are understood today, in order that the reader understand exactly what they are using. So it’s part philosophy, part science, part practice, and part historical documentation.

Inner spontaneous sound is also known by the following names and expressions in various religions and spiritual traditions: Abstract Sound, Anāhata Nāda, Astral sound, Chönyid kyi rangdra (or Chos Nyid Kyi Rang Sgra), Dharmata Swayambhu Nada, Divine Tremoring, Eternal Sound, Holy Stream of Sound, Inner Sacred Sound, Music of the Spheres, Nada-Brahman, Omkara Dhvarni, Primordial Sound, Resonance of Emptiness, Sawt-e-sarmad, Sacred Sound, Shabda Brahman, Sound of Creation, Sound of Silence (also Thunder of Silence), Soundless Sound, Transcendental Sound, Unborn Sound, Unstruck Sound, and The Word of God.

The book is available in full to Medium members (membership is $US 5/month, or $US 50/year, which affords unlimited access to all of the publications on Medium). Non-members have access to a limited number of articles each month. 

RE: Inner Spontaneous Sound as Support
1/21/19 3:49 AM as a reply to Solivagant.
As part of the publication on Medium.com of “Tranquillity’s Secret,” the section describing the nature of sound, how sound arises, and specifically how to recognize inner spontaneous sound, as well as the implications of its particular character for our understanding of consciousness, and theories about consciousness is now available.

Below are the 8 parts of the “Inner Spontaneous Sound” sequence, with “friend’s” links that bypass Medium’s paywall, for those of you who are not paying members of Medium.com

Inner Spontaneous Sound
Table of Contents

PART 1: Why Inner Spontaneous Sounds are not Tinnitus
By reducing mental chatter, momentary voids are left during which we can become aware of various inner spontaneous sounds that have no identifiable source, starting with the silence of those voids.
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/why-inner-spontaneous-sounds-are-not-tinnitus-ae3b9b1017ac?source=friends_link&sk=acf4163e7db90a57f9fdaf3e12deb58a

PART 2: Introduction to Sound
We are conflating physical phenomena with mental experiences when we use the same term for both, as we commonly do with “sound.”
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/introduction-to-sound-f599174e8fad?source=friends_link&sk=92ee245630c824efb00bc3963937ea16

PART 3: Sound Isn’t In The Brain Because That’s Not Where Hearing Occurs
We are completely confused about what the brain is actually doing because we conflate it with the mind.
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/sound-isnt-in-the-brain-because-that-s-not-where-hearing-occurs-badb587eb907?source=friends_link&sk=9292dcdbe1d1ff9e90a54d9258367054

PART 4: All Sound Arises As Sympathetic Or Autogenous Resonance
We normally create causal chains of events as an explanation for how sound is experienced. But these explanations ignore the natural variability that is always a character of all phenomena, and by ignoring that variability, such explanations fail to truly explain anything.
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/all-sound-arises-as-sympathetic-or-autogenous-resonance-df942632b0b1?source=friends_link&sk=2bf31a79efce80c5a150570faab6a7b1

PART 5: Silence is Heard
If “silence” refers only to the absence of sound, then we shouldn’t be able to hear it. “Silence” should just be the name we give to the apperception that arises when we suddenly realize that we’re not hearing anything at all.
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/silence-is-heard-737d83ee161?source=friends_link&sk=977148c1aff0879bf8562eb0cf452ad4

PART 6: How to Recognize Inner Spontaneous Sounds
What is the character of inner spontaneous sounds? How can you tell them apart from “normal” sounds?
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/how-to-recognize-inner-spontaneous-sounds-7b93b10634ce?source=friends_link&sk=f6fff8d93a7dbc925e14b29ffdf13caa

PART 7: Consciousness! — Mereologically Speaking
The evidence obtained through neuroscientific studies of the brain is of activity — not of an actor.
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/consciousness-mereologically-speaking-8490043f5935?source=friends_link&sk=1c39cc33e17d49c575c68c5e199a5aae

PART 8: The Animadversion of Inner Spontaneous Sound
Inner spontaneous sound is evidence that our current understanding of reality is wrong in relation specifically to the source and nature of consciousness.
Friends link: https://medium.com/tranquillitys-secret/the-animadversion-of-inner-spontaneous-sound-1fa591a6ea42?source=friends_link&sk=6fc238d40f6f905abfd70f2b7b964468

RE: Inner Spontaneous Sound as Support
1/20/19 8:14 AM as a reply to Solivagant.
This seems interesting. Thanks!

RE: Inner Spontaneous Sound as Support
1/21/19 3:50 AM as a reply to Linda ”Polly Ester” Ö.
Thank you. I hope you find it useful.