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10/19/10 3:46 AM
Hello hello!

I'm from Spain but I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although I spend lots of time in Glasgow.

Would be good to know if there is anyone living in this area!!


RE: Edinburgh
10/24/10 5:01 AM as a reply to Andy Coke.
Hello Andres

I live nowhere near you (Cork, Ireland) but as you are the one and only post on the Playground I felt a the urge to respond. I am mystified as to why nobody, except you, has posted. I sit with a Zen group but would love to share experiences with other mediators in Cork. One of life's mysteries.


RE: Edinburgh
10/24/10 5:11 AM as a reply to Howard Clegg.
Hi Howard, thanks for your post.

The section of the forum is quite new, it has been a week or so since it was created. I guess it will take a while until people start using it. Also, I don't think there are many people from Scotland!

You could create a new post saying "Cork" so that next person that comes in from that area knows of your existance x)


RE: Edinburgh
10/24/10 9:59 AM as a reply to Andy Coke.
Hola Andres!

As you know, I too live near Edinburgh, in St Andrews. It would be good to meet other Dhoians living around here one of these days!