Last night

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Last night

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Hi all

I had a sleepless night last night..storms and much banging of things breaking and falling off.

These days it doesn't worry me as much, if at all, when sleep doesn't come so last night I decided if I wasn;t sleeping I might just meditate throughout the night.

Since joining here a few days back I have been thinking about revisiting the Theravada model and so beagn with eyes closed, tip of the nose concentration practice. I think I managed a greater degree of concentration than in the past and ceratinly felt more at peace although I think I was still some way off of the jhanas.

For periods of time I lost awareness of the outside and once or twice went blank. It is entirely possible I just dozed in those times but upon becoming aware again I was right back at the tip of the nose.

After some hours I switched to mindfulness and some time later I had a brief but totally new experience. I was getting still images flash by at an incredible rate coupled with a vibrating noise.

This went as quickly as it came and I was back to paying attention.

Does this mean anything to anyone, and if so did you find it just a case of leave it and keep going or is there somethign needing attention here?

Thanks for any replies

All the best