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Persistent Dullness While Noting

Persistent Dullness While Noting
3/19/19 5:55 PM
The below is cross-posted on Reddit Stream Entry so I apologize if you are seeing it twice..

I have been meditating for several years. Started with one year of breath meditation TMI style and then switched about a year ago to breath meditation for 10-15 minutes followed by 30-45 minutes of noting Mahasi-style.  My bugaboo is persistent dullness and sleepiness and I am wondering if the noting makes it worse. In some strange way, I feel like I become less "alert" and focused (often right away) while noting compared to simple following the breath.

Like the observer has disappeared but in a dull way, not a fresh way.

Even if I try very hard to penetrate the object and be active and alert, I feel like there is something inherently less lively and fresh when I am noting. Like I am getting lulled or self-hypnotized or something.

To combat this I sometimes note aloud, or with my eyes open, or standing. But still quite frustrating.

For whatever it's worth, I am also prone to drowsiness after about 20 minutes of straight breath meditation.  Even though I get a decent amount of sleep, I am also the kind of person that falls asleep within one minute of my head hitting the pillow.  This is a great blessing in life but may be a curse for meditation.

I wonder if others experience dullness from noting compared to other practices, or whether noting is just not for me. 

Any advice appreciated.

RE: Persistent Dullness While Noting
3/20/19 10:06 PM as a reply to Francis M. Crawford.
I am a great believer in attuning with yourself. If you feel that the noting is making your meditation dull than I would recomend that you follow through with your observation and take it out of your meditation. If your on the fence than do it a few more times and see if your mind is more receptive to the particular practice.