ADHD/training attention without meds

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ADHD/training attention without meds

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Hello all,

I've read a few threads on here on ADD/ADHD. Clearly meds for these conditions helps increase the ability to focus and I'm wondering how medittion practice affects levels of attention on days when meds aren't taken or how attention levels are after someone decides to stop taking the meds alltogether.

I've practiced consistently for quite a few years, many different meditation styles and my attention levels started off very low and many years later they have never really improved. I have 'innatentive-type' ADD but have resisted going down the medication route as yet so am wondering whether without medication, the lack of ability to focus is unlikely to improve much, regardless of practice. Thanks. 
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RE: ADHD/training attention without meds

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I think that meditation can help with something like this by balancing your energy levels - what I mean by this is increased awareness into where you are placing your attention, and noticing when you'll need to increase energy, or relaxation, based on if the mind is more tired or restless.  By practicing meditation I believe that you will have a greater capacity to understand the state of your mind/body and be able to adjust your attention, or how hard you are focusing/relaxing appropriately.

As a side note, I read a very interesting (and life changing for me as someone with a health condition related to what the book explores) book recently called "Dirty Genes" by Dr. Ben Lynch which focuses on holistic approaches to treating a variety of conditions related to epigenetics.  One of the topics it does explore is ADD/ADHD and how nutrition and lifestyle factors are crucial in treating these conditions.  In the same way that meditation can treat restlessless/agitation as well as too low energy in the mind causing conditions like ADD/ADHD, things such as nutrient imbalances, lack of certain types of protein, too much of certain types of protein, stress, lack of exercise and sleep, etc. etc. can have a similar impact as well.

I have a very dismal outlook on prescription medication as it's used in the west, as many times it does not address to root cause of the conditions it aims to treat.  I'm curious if you have ever tried amino acids?  L-tyrosine in particular is an amino acid naturally found in many protein rich foods, and the author of the book I read described how his son has issues with attentiveness and drive, and how this simple protein changed his son's life and given him more energy and ability to focus.  DL-phenylalanine is another worthwhile amino acid that has a similar effect on dopamine production.

Anyway, I know that's a bit of a tangent when you asked about meditation, but I think that diligent meditation coupled with proper nutrition (and supplementation for those with a need or health condition) can be very powerful in resolving stubborn conditions, and ultimately transforming the mind.
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RE: ADHD/training attention without meds

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Hi, I'm sure nutrition plays a role but my diet has changed a few times over the decades and I'm a few years into meditation practice yet the attention levels and other ADD-features have remained pretty much exactly as they were for as long as I can remember.