Help with Tai-Chi

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Help with Tai-Chi

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I'm a pretty new Tai-Chi student, and I've just finished a quarter taking it at my university. Unfortunately, taking a long-awaited trip overseas and graduating means that this has been my last quarter at my current university, and so I can't finish my memorizing of the forms. I practice avidly every day, but I was not taught the complete set of 54 movements for the right side, nevermind the left side. In my quest to continue learning and expanding my practice on my own, I bought a book but it appears I incorrectly assumed I was practicing the Yang 108-Long Form. If anyone on here is pretty savvy about the various Tai-Chi styles, can someone tell me if the form I was supposedly in part taught, the Yang Short Form 108, actually exists? I ask this because somehow I can find nowhere on the internet any evidence of that particular form and its movements existing. Furthermore, I'm wondering if someone can recommend a nice/reputable Tai-Chi website to connect with in order to bolster my study? Any advice anyone can give would be very much appreciated.

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RE: Help with Tai-Chi

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This place is pretty legit: . It's part of an organization whose head site is here: .

Listening to them, they say the only correct form of Tai Chi is the traditional Yang family one that they all teach. This is what the form looks like: . (That is my teacher's teacher's teacher, I think).