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Fire kasina Fourth Screen

Fire kasina Fourth Screen
4/10/19 2:36 PM

So the third screen can be controlled, and for what i read in the glossary, the fourth screen canĀ“t, im i right?. Could it be that for in order to control the fourth screen (wich is just a form of virtual reality, just as this one) you need to reach the peak levels mentioned in the visuddhimagga?, i think nobody has ever reached those levels here, not even Daniel.

Btw, so far it has been an incredible practice, reached third screen multiple times when im going to sleep, just as some people report.

RE: Fire kasina Fourth Screen
4/10/19 3:14 PM as a reply to Jake Frankfurt Middenhall.
One point worth mentioning is Daniel & Taft both described fourth screen experiences in their recent podcast convo on deconstructing yourself.