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What was this experience?
4/18/19 6:25 AM
Hello, I am completely new to meditation. Although I had previous experiences with mind states, like tried meditation a few times a couple of years ago, some psychedellic drugs and lucid dreaming / astral projection or whatever that was, I only started meditating regularly a month ago.

I've been doing 20-30 minute sessions using the vipassana labelling technique. Sorry if I don't get the terminology right I'm quite new to this sutff.  So I've been doing this on semi-regular basis, like 4-5 days out of seven. I made a little progress in this period. but nothing remarkable. But 2 days ago I had a meditation that was a little bit better than the previous ones, still very basic but I could sense some qualitative change. I could focus on my breath much more, much deeper than before.  However, this period of more quality meditation didn't last long. But I had a cleaner sense of mind after that. Yesterday was even better. My focus got quite good and it also lasted longer than the other day. My mind got substantially cleaner and stayed like that even after the end of the session. 

At this point I want to emphesize that I did not manage to get any insights not at least one that I know of or managed to notice as one.

So not too long after my meditation yesterday I went to sleep and I fell asleep quite quickly. I tried to do some meditation but I was quick to fall asleep. Roughly an hour later I woke up from sleep and I was like what the hell, I had this astonishing experience:

I woke up to being extremely mindful, my mind was concentrated, or maybe that is not even the good word for that. I felt that my mind was sort of "together"  , no destraction coming from anywhere, and I was kind of swimming in a sea of joy that I have never felt before, it was also like as if some "bliss fireworks" had been going off and the whole experience just got more and more intense. The experience lasted roughly 5 seconds, because the joy was so great that it swept away the whole thing, I got so excited that I couldn't hold onto the experience any longer than 5 secs.

And after that I got frigtened too, because I remember having seen those Ajahn Brahm videos where he said that there are those mind states called jhanas, which are very blissful, so blissful that eventually you lose control and cannot just come out of it at will. So I was like, 
telling to myself hold on for a sec mate, what if it indeed was a jhana and I get stuck into this, and in the morning when they want to wake me up I will just be lying there like a vegetable, they will for sure as hell be scared and maybe call the ambulance or something like that.

So I didn't try to repeat the experience also I really wanted to, but since then my mind is so much cleaner than before, I don't get caught up in that usual daytime menthal masturbation. But that's maybe because I am really tired because I was also afraid to fall asleep and had a lot of energy too, my mind was thinking about a lot oof good things but I didn't get caught up in that either, I was observing my own thoughts as if it were somebody else's.

I guess that's all to it now, I had this very short but very intensive experience and I would like to ask the community's help to look into it and find out what it was. Was it really a jhana or it was some minor thing. If it was a jhana, how is it possible that I attained it so quickly with having so little practice and also why it came while I was asleep? Wouldn't it make much more sense that I can get to these states of minds once I managed to learn how to do it?

Also do I need to fear of it? Am I really gonna be stuck into it and stay there like a vegetable for days? Also can it happen anytime now while I'm asleep?

RE: What was this experience?
4/18/19 8:00 AM as a reply to Attila Olah.
I can’t tell for sure what it was, but jhana might be a possibility. Maybe first jhana? The fireworks thing sound like first jhana to me, although I’m no expert.

I have never ever been stuck in jhanas. If you are under the illusion that you can’t get out of it, for some reason, just do a subtle movement with a finger. I have woken up in jhanas, or at least with jhanic qualities to my mind state (exactly what qualifies as jhana is much debated, so I can’t say anything certain) but that has never been a problem as far as I can see. Pleasurable, sure, but they always end. I think fear might end them effectively if that were to be the case. Then again, if fear arises, the jhana has probably already ended. These states are very temporary.

RE: What was this experience?
4/20/19 4:40 AM as a reply to Linda ”Polly Ester” Ö.
Thanks for your reply. 

Since then I haven't had that experience  again. I also suspect it to be something like jhana, but it's hard for me to believe that I was able to get a jhana after one month of practice.