enlightenment / AF and the end of the human race

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enlightenment / AF and the end of the human race

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It seems that enlightened people often do not have kids. Probably end of desire of sex is one of the reasons. Or maybe I am mistaken - can any pathers / AFers confirm?

If you did have kids, is it because you had them pre-enlightenment/pre-AF? If you had them after... why did you? For those who don't, is there any desire to have children? I use "desire" loosely as there seems to be no more desire, but I'm not sure what word to use to put it. You still do things in daily life, even without desire, so whatever it is that makes you do those things.

And if enlightenment/AF leads to nobody having any children... won't the human race eventually end? And then the question is, is that a good thing? =P.
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RE: enlightenment / AF and the end of the human race

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This is just a simple counterexample, but I'm pretty sure Jack Kornfield has children or at least a child. Also, he definitely had them after he was enlightened, because he used to be a monk. I'm sure if you look at the senior teacher lists of most dharma centers you will likely find many with children. I'm not quite far enough on the path to comment from experience, but I would guess the likely mild-moderate correlation might have more to do with the commitment to retreats/meditation/getting enlightened + western career obligations/schooling taking away the required time needed to be there for one's children. Other theories could have to do with minimizing suffering by not creating, etc, etc...but I'm not qualified enough to evaluate the second theory, so I'll let someone else explain their views on that which are likely just "views" which someone else could easily refute to create an endless argument.