Dissolution or sloth&torpor?

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Dissolution or sloth&torpor?

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Does anyone have reliable ways of distinguishing Dissolution from Soth and Torpor (or just being really tired)? Assuming I am post A&P, pre SE (and want to progress), should I deal with these two phenonena differently from one another?

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RE: Dissolution or sloth&torpor?

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No reliable ways, but I find that they often coincide. In dissolution I often need to sleep more, and I believe it’s a good idea to try to do that while also maintaining practice (I’m not saying that I succeed with sleeping more, but I still believe that it would be a good idea). In dissolution I also need to deal with sloth, torpor, dullness or whatever I call it (I’m not sure about the nuances and distinctions). I find that I usually need to do yoga to increase my energy, do noting to maintain my focus, be more careful with my posture to stay alert, and be compassionate towards myself. It is possible to have great clarity about having poor clarity. It is perfectly fine to experience dullness, mind-wandering or whatever occurs, as long as one notes it. When one forgets to note it, one can not the forgetfullness as soon as one realizes it.

Dullness/sloth/torpor can occur in other stages as well, and I think the same basic principle applies: just do your best to take note of whatever happens.

Best wishes!