some few haiku (nine)

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some few haiku (nine)

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I suppose that here is the best forum in which to share these, as they conclude in a kind of joke, although the Dharma is presented rather directly in the first two cycles,... I've been writing some of these for years, others less.

I hope that you may find them beneficial, and that they may aid in the path of natural liberation for all sentient beings.


suffering exists
so too it must exist, yet
it may not exist

look to the buddha
to look to the buddha, yes
when thought so forgives

the lightning bug sang
color my life blue and swim
our windows are crowns

handsome is broad hand
little flowers know my name
being there, being there

soap in cloth, have love
as one, all merit, to all
relief from suff'ring

Hands Deep In Few Things
Lime, The Dawn's Kiss, Cedarwood

the light turmeric
the life of sutra, muscle
smoke balm touch ease grasp

the gate of logic
smiles past by audience
an end-all logic

Sunday, O holy
O ghost, the haiku is milk
the yoga you'd crave