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A first person to open all bhumis with Dynamic Concentration


The following is an account (originally posted here) of someone who has opened all 13 bhumis, which are levels of emptiness insights according to a map called Open Heart Bhumi Model using a technique called Dynamic Concentration (described in a book What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice ).  According to this map, the 1st bhumi is believed to correspond to stream entry.

Most people practice Dynamic Concentration as a part of a system called Open Heart Yoga, which is a tantric practice that is received by empowerment.  Dynamic Concentration is believed to be the key element that generates, in a relatively short amount of time, a series of irreversal perceptional shifts (called opening of the bhumis) that reveals our natural state underneath the dualistic mind more and more.

In Open Heart Sangha, it was believed previously that the progress further than 6th or 7th bhumi may be difficult without a tantric practice.  However, we now have an evidence of someone who has opened all bhumis, using Dynamic Concentration based on the information provided on the website and Youtube, without the use of a tantric practice received by empowerment.

I thought this information may be of any use for someone who feels stuck in their path and would like to try an alternate meditation technique or to incorporate it in their daily practices to give their progress a boost.  I would be interested in hearing of anyone following a 4-path model, who may also try out this technique and see how they experience the above-mentioned shifts and their possible correspondence with the 4-path model.


Kim's Comment: I received an email from ”CN”, who told me of her success with Open Heart practices. She briefly tells about her practice history in theravada buddhism and further progress with core Open Heart practices that she learned from the website and YouTube-videos. She is the first one who has opened all 13 bhumis without receiving tantric empowerments, by the power of Dynamic Concentration and other central exercises. I have asked CN for a more detailed account which will be published soon in this blog.

CN: First of all, I would like to thank you for making your teachings available on YouTube, the website and your books. I have benefitted greatly from them. I first heard Open Heart from the Dharma Overground website and was intrigued, I have been practising Theravadan Vipassana meditation for about 10 years and had reached 2nd path but wasn't seeing further progress. Once I started practicing with your guided meditations on YouTube, my practice became much more enjoyable and felt easier and also started to notice Bhumi openings. And I (humbly) believe that I may have open the 13th bhumi. My experience on the 11th bhumi opening lines up with several of the testimonials I have read. I have noticed other practices hinted at in the YouTube videos, so I would like to sign up for your course to learn these. I live in western Canada, , which is 10 time zones behind Finland.  Since I moved away from the Theravadan practice, I was doing a combination of Guru Yoga, Dynamic Concentration and Ati Yoga. I mostly followed the video: Introduction to Tibetan Heart Yoga: Guided Practice and the Dynamic Concentration: Buddha, Dharma & Sangha as well as others that you have available, I particularly enjoyed your recent series on Bodhicitta. Yes, opening the 11th was amazing, the natural state feels so available now.

Kim: Ah, so there it is... The effect of dynamic concentration. I am so happy to hear that you opened those bhumis with the help of these non-tantric exercises. All of my students have received Open Heart Yoga empowerment before beginning dynamic concentration practice, so you are the first one who actually opened all bhumis without empowerment. I am thrilled to hear that!