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Seeing sound
9/17/09 3:01 AM
I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world. Recently I have been sitting on my veranda every morning and I face the rising sun at dawn during meditation. At dawn, large flocks of rosellas fly through my property and alight in the giant trees around my house. They are very loud. When the sunlight reaches a certain intensity, they move on. Three days ago and again today, a lone bird flew through after the main flock had left and let out a high pitched cry. The sound of the bird created a physical movement in my mind, rather like the way the mind quakes from time to time after A&P, like some kind of inteference pattern. This pattern emerged as a visual sensation in my mind, which I could see. Could someone explain this for me please? Is it a feature of a particular stage? The sound of the bird, the quake and the visual impact were to my experience, simultaneous.

RE: Seeing sound
9/17/09 10:47 AM as a reply to Paul Hurley.
Hi Paul,

Could you give a bit of background about your path?

-Where do you think you are in terms of the 4 path model? (pre-1st, 1st, 2nd, etc)
-What stage of insight do you think you were in at the time?
-Are you adept at Vipassana?
-How strong was your base-line concentration at the time?
-Did your eyes flutter to closed at the same time as the other phenomena, or immediately after, or not at all?

Oh, and if you're an older DhOer that I would know, what was your user name? I might just not be familiar with your real name.


RE: Seeing sound
9/17/09 4:02 PM as a reply to Trent ..
Hi Trenton,

Thank you for your reply and interest. I've been meditating for the last seven years. I do about an hour to an hour and a half per day and note the rest of the day. My path has been very colourful and energetic. I had a Kundalini awakening about five years ago. In meditation spontaneous imagery appears that induces Kyras (spelling?) I have a journal full of them along with recordings of copious dreams. I have crossed the A&P at least twice. I"m not sure where I'm at now. I was thinking recently that I'm in re-observation as a very spcefic cycle of imagery and physical phenomena have been occuring with attending feelings. That said however I've recently had two peak experiences which have altered me permanently in a temperamental way. I am extraordinarily calm and relaxed now. My brain feels completely changed like I've come to the end of a cycle of some sort. I don't feel like my 'self' if that makes any sense. I'm very happy and very 'cool,' so to speak. But, I don't know if this is an equanimity experience or not. I experience my body as very ultra fine and constant vibration now. My practice has been centred around the Kundalini as kryas are consistant so, very body centred along then with spontaneous imagery. I have followed the breath a lot too. Recently, I enter into an altered state, like I pass over a threshold of some kind. The body tends to lock very softly, massive spaciousness in the brain. Very different to my A&P experiences. So, yes, my meditation is deeper than ever. As to awareness of what's going on around me, in a very still room I have none. Amongst the birds, I have none also, apart from when they get very loud and awareness of increasing light intensity as the sun rises. So, no movement at all of any part of the body. No fluttering of the eyes. No awarenes of the surroundings until the sound appears, which is quite sharp. Oh, and I am quite new here. I've only posted once or twice, each time asking if someone may be able to give me some advice and insight as to where I may be at. My last post was quite detailed about imagery phenomena, etc. I have posted before as my name here and Cartago on the old site. Hope this is helpful. I look forward to your reply.