What is vajra samadhi?

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What is vajra samadhi?

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In the Hurricane Ranch Dharma Discussions podcasts (http://www.interactivebuddha.com/podcasts.shtml), Daniel mentions vajra samdadhi, saying Bill Hamilton had become "obsessed" with it, that it cuts through to the bone. I think that's the phrase he used, and maybe that says it all, but I am very intrigued by this. Can anyone shed some more light on what it is, and how one develops it?
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RE: What is vajra samadhi?

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While I may have used that term, (I can't remember particularly), if you really want to try to get to how Bill used it, I would actually go over to KFD (kennethfolkdharma) and ask Kenneth, as he spent more time with Bill than I did and would probably give you a more precise and closer answer.

I probably used it to mean something like complete, all encompassing mindfulness, or something like that, which would be panoramic all through the body and mind investigation,