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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style

mentally say the note?

mentally say the note?
12/31/10 10:50 AM

I'm reading Practical Insight Meditation: Basic and Progressive Stages
By Mahasi Sayadaw.

And im trying to figure out weather i should say the note mentally or not.
like saying "seeing", "pushing" inside.

I would think so, but in the first basic exercise on Page 4, he writes: "Never verbally repeat the words rising, falling, and do not think of rising and falling as words."

but then the rest of the book go on about making notes "touching", "anticipating" etc...

Please help?

thank you very much!

RE: mentally say the note?
12/31/10 12:21 PM as a reply to zhi lin.
hi zhi lin,

my reply in this thread ought answer your question.