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Analayo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization

Howdy All,
I hope everyone is thriving and practising.  Its been a while but I though this link worth sharing.

For anyone interested in the satipaììhãna sutta as a basis of both study and practice, I find that there is no better analasys than that of the vernerable Analyo's work on the subject.  In addition to his well known work on satipaììhãna, he teaches in Hamburg university here in Germany (his home country) and around the world.  His scholarship rivals that of bikku bodhi in my opinion.

I sugest anyone interested in this buy the book but for those unable or unwilling here is a link to the text of that great work.

RE: Analyo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
7/23/19 8:18 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
I really like reading Analayo,

His blend of strong scholarly knowledge and practice make his work a rare gem, as well as his balanced, non-dogmatic perspectives on different types of practices.

RE: Analyo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
7/31/19 9:23 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Hello Tom, hello Ben,

I am myself a big fan of Analayo and just wanted to drop the link to a few other ressources of Hamburg University, as they are no less than 154 articles and quite a few books as well.

Analayo page (so you can choose for yourself):

Perspectives on satipatthana is a wonderful follow-up, of the blue book (I am currently reading it. Basically, he compares the pali version of the suttas with the chinese translations, and deduces which are older by their number of occurences. It is practice oriented as well) :

You can also get guided meditations on the different frames of reference here:
It goes with the new book Satipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide which is available through Windhorse (not read yet)

Also the recorded lectures on Ñanananda sermons on nibbana (2017 and 2018 so far here, steep and fascinating. You can get the pdf script, the podcast or the video. He reads the sermons in english -he translated them for Ñanananda if my memory is correct- and makes some comments) :

That's all for now
Smiling stone

PS : Tom, can you correct the name of the thread so we read "Analayo"?

RE: Analyo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
7/31/19 9:30 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Thanks for the reccomendation, Tom. I just got my copy of the book last night, and am pretty glued to it so far. It's funny, I'm pretty sure an old roomate had a copy that I tried reading when I first started practicing, and it was way over my head. Now I'm finding it fascinating, useful, and practical, even if it's technically kind of academic.  

RE: Analyo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
8/1/19 8:17 AM as a reply to Smiling Stone.
howdy smiling stone
i have corrected the misspelling of Analayo's name in the thread title.  Thanks

RE: Analyo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
8/1/19 8:26 AM as a reply to Ostaron.
howdy ostaron,
i have either lent or lost my copy of satipatthana..oh well.  i did get to read it a hundred times.
i also listened to joseph goldsteins' full coverage series of podcasts based on analayo's treatise.

i hear he (venerable Analayo)  is coming out with an anapanasati analysys this year too.  i will fork out for that too.

at the top of my reading pyramid are mctb, satipatthana direct path, the mind illuminated.

i have an extensive library of spiritual books with a heavy buddhist influence including bikku bodhi's translative works, mahasi sayadaw and ledi sayadaw treatises and many tibetan works.

mostly my practice is mindfulness these days but am becoming more and more pulled to serious sitting practice again after a serious bout of lyme's disease.  there was a phase where concentration was absolute shit but now it is deepening and lasering again as is my enthusiasm.

good luck to all in this forum and especially to its founder.

RE: Analayo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
8/2/19 2:56 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Hi Tom,
Agreed it's a very fine book. 
I first encountered a stack of new copies of the book, along with a few other titles, which a kind yogi had offered as dana during a day long local sit. I chatted with him and he highly recommended Analayo's book, but I left with a copy of A Path With Heart, by Kornfield instead as it was on my then current reading list. It's nice to revisit the good vibes from that moment and reflect on its effects downstream ... it's been some time since I've recalled that particular sit, the generous yogi and his dana, the books, and my experience with them. The more I now reflect, the more additional memories resurface, and I feel a wholesome stream with many tributaries still spreading outward... all born of a brief chance encounter.  

Not long thereafter I downloaded a pdf version of
Satipatthãna The Direct Path to Realization (it should be mentioned that the book is published by the Buddhist Wisdom Centre and is offered for free distribution only). emoticon

I began reading it in Thailand before a 60 day retreat at Panditarama in Burma - my first long retreat. Analayo makes a thorough analysis and I took lots of notes, but left it unfinished. As an aside, I've always really dug the Buddha statue in the cover photo of the book (2006 edition) I don't know why but it's always resonated with me. 

Although my platter is overfilled at the moment, there's three books that I've started but I've had to lay aside and which reside at the top of my meditation reading list - a high coincidence they're the same three books in your last post.

RE: Analyo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
8/2/19 7:35 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Here is a nice discussion between Bikkhu Analayo by Phillip Moffitt at Spirit Rock, expanding on the Satipatthana practice and body awareness:

And an older one I thoroughly enjoy:

Quite a few details about his life and practice there. There are different threads on Dhammawheel as well, and I read on one that nowadays he is in retreat setting five days a week and does his writing and interacting with the world on the two remaining days. Wow...
If anybody knows any details on his teaching 30 day courses for bikkhus in the Goenka tradition, I am interested. That's just hearsay for me, and I do not remember where I read it
On Dhammawheel 10/4/2016 Dhamma Basti says :
"Does anyone here know at what time he left the Goenka-camp? I do know that he used to be a teacher there, at least permitted to teach 30 day courses (not so sure about 45 days). Today he seems to be associated with the IMS".

I could not find anything else

Have a nice read

Smiling Stone

PS : Nice to hear that you are back in practice, wish you the best !

RE: Analyo - satipaììhãna The Direct Path to Realization
8/2/19 4:52 AM as a reply to Smiling Stone.
thanks for the good wishes and the recommendations.
i wish you all the best