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Fire Kasina improves intelligence

Fire Kasina improves intelligence
7/24/19 8:13 PM
Good morning.

So i was reading this study, it shows that Trataka meditation (which is the same Fire Kasina practice but you can´t blink while looking at the flame) improves cognitive function in enderly men, more importantly, it improves short term memory which is one of the most important factors related with IQ. 
I was curious so i did an IQ test when the last one was almost 6 years ago. I go up 10 points. Altho i most recognize that back then i had some sleep problems and it most likely affected my perfomance.
What about you guys, any of you have noted an increase in cognitive function while doing everyday activities?

RE: Fire Kasina improves intelligence
7/25/19 12:11 AM as a reply to Jake Frankfurt Middenhall.
Phosphenism - - which uses lightbulbs instead of candle flame, claims experimental evidence that mixing the practice with educational learning objectives is helpful to children with learning difficulties.

I stumbled on this recently and have yet to investigate further, as I'm rather put off by the presentation of the material.