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ATTENTION!: It appears that our server has been hacked through this version of Liferay, meaning it is no longer secure, and so expect instability as we deal with this and attempt to upgrade to Liferay 7, which we failed to be able to do last year the last time the team attempted it, but we have no choice at this point, so bear with us as we try again. Save any long posts in a text file before posting them. You can follow me on Twitter at @danielmingram for updates if the site is down. Apologies for any complexity this causes. We will work as fast as we can. We have backups of the database, so hopefully nothing will be lost. Thanks to all helping with this complex process.




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7/29/19 1:00 PM
I had an interesting experience trying to understand space (3d spatial). Since it's not directly accessible to any sense organ, it has to be constructed by the mind using data from the senses. It seems to me that the sense of touch (feeling the body) is necessary to create a sense of spatial relations (me <-> object). This is where I get stuck -- seems like the mind doesn't know how to approach this concept. Even in brain-in-a-vat scenario with body-suit VR the knowing faculty is in relation (it's embedded) to an object inside a container -- "the vat", where the concept of "inside" comes from something unknown (3d space).

Any advice regarding approaching this subject? I tried reading about aether / akasha, but it didn't work.

RE: Akasha
7/29/19 5:52 PM as a reply to Fiber.
I can't access space via the formal route. Philosophy is actually relatively shallow. I recommend tuning into your experience as it is manifesting right now. From there you might do a philosophy of timelessness or better yet follow your ❤️.

RE: Akasha
8/22/19 5:40 PM as a reply to Fiber.
Also, space might have an unique access concentration all of its own.