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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style


8/8/19 7:59 AM
Hi everyone,

I have been practicing Mahasi style for 3 months, just on and off. I have practiced the tradition in Panditarama 2 weeks recently but i didn't gain anything special. Now i self-practice at home and i feel a little bit confuse whether i have made progress or not. 

I have some problems with the noting process. When i direct the mind to abdomen, i don't feel the adbomen rising in the centre direction, but it rises on the left side, sometimes on the right side. Is it ok for me to continue noting rising & falling or should i wait until i can feel it rising in the centre direction?

Sometimes, i feel the heartbeat very strong in the heart, in the blood vessels/veins in hands, abdomen,fingers,... it creates some unpleasant feelings. How should i note this? Should i ignore it, just continue to focus on abdomen or note "unpleasant, unpleasant" until it dissapear?

One last question, is it possible to develop to A&P nana just by practicising at home? (Just for more confidence with the tradition). I can spend 4h-5h/day for the practice.

Thank everyone very much.

8/9/19 2:08 PM as a reply to Khanh Quoc Tran.
I would note the sensations wherever you can notice them on the abdomen. Wether right left or center I dont think it will matter. The idea I beleive is to be with whatever is happening as its happening.
I think in the first part of Mahasi noting instructions it says to note any persisten sensation and then go back to the breath. So if its the heart beat or hands or whatever, note it and then go back to the breath.
Also you can get the A&P at home depending I geuss on how well and how many hours you practice.