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Reflections on a Breakthrough

Reflections on a Breakthrough
9/3/19 9:09 AM
I am going to get right to the point. 

There is nothing to note except noting, yet even that is the echo of a reflection. There is nothing at all to search for, nothing at all to find, nothing to sit with, and nothing sitting. There is no intention, any intention obscures the direct perception of now, there is no goal any goal obscures the path. The path is the goal, the goal is the path. There is no thing that isn't directly experienced and thus noted, through the direct awareness and experience of now we note all phenomena that aren't coming and aren't going. Through direct and immediate insight into the three doors this becomes crystiline and (forgive me for my repition) immediately obvious at all points and times now. 

My meditation has shifted. Why didn't I get out of my own way sooner? Why didn't I listen to the lessons, advice, and teachings I had heard and read a thousand times? It isn't that everything is gumdrops and rainbows with a luminous clear light all the time now, but at a much much faster pace than before things can be noticed, awareness can be utilized, and discursive thoughts and emotions let go. 

I beleive, after much reflection and consideration from several texts, I have entered into the Stream. I would be happy to awnser any and all questions concerning. As well, i just wanted to say thank you to this community for being a pillar of support for my practice and the practice of many others.

RE: Reflections on a Breakthrough
8/12/19 10:01 AM as a reply to Silas Day.
Congrats on the breakthrough.

What approach, practice or change in your life do you think made the biggest difference?

What practical advice (that, unlike all those teachings, your former self would actually follow) would you give your former self?

RE: Reflections on a Breakthrough
8/12/19 10:05 AM as a reply to Silas Day.
Sounds like gibberish tbh.
But, then again, I’m unawakened.
I have zero questions.

RE: Reflections on a Breakthrough
8/12/19 10:55 AM as a reply to mrdust.
> What approach, practice or change in your life do you think made the biggest difference?

A few things, not seeing walking meditation as a break from sitting meditation but as a continuation and strengthening. Walking meditation is tricky to get right, especially when turning around that throws a lot of people off, but is integral to a deeper practice IMO. the other aspects, which is by far the more important one, is seeing practice and the path not as the thing I do for a few hours a day on the cushion and walking, but as every moment of the day. Trying with a full spirit to walk the path throughout the entire day, noting the breath, bringing a quality of awareness to what I am doing and working on, and applying mindfulness to each individual activity when at all possible. 

What practical advice would you give your former self?

Consistency and continuation is key, practicing what you preach is key, getting off any and all high horses are necessary, quit trying to "do" something so hard. Just practice, honestly, openly, and with the understanding that not all days will be good days. Many days when you sit you may simply be trudging through discursive thoughts, memories, etc other days you may completely be distracted by this or that, never getting a second of peace, other days the body may be full of energy and never able to settle properly.... but this is the practice just as much as the wonderful days of wall to wall great practice. Take the teachings for what they are worth, (almost)never trust your own mind when it comes to practice, the ego is incredibly tricky, and find a good teacher and community that fits your style that you can ask questions too