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Reflections on a Breakthrough 2: Electric Boogaloo

Continual practice continues, steady and quietly, like a low hum in the background of my existence. My sitting and walking meditation are just aspects of a single thing that goes on all day, I really don't try to make a distinction between them, but do recognize a deeping of practice when I am doing formal sitting/walking and through this note its effects. The effects being that I can linger longer in this continuation of constant creation more than before, but that I am simply noting more of it not noteing different things. The arsing and passing of all phenomena is itself the thing to note (atleast to me, right now, in my practice). This isn't to say it goes on all day, there are definitly moments when I am pulled out of it and times when it is far less apparent than others, but it never goes away entirely. 

After much reflection and contemplation it seems that what I am recognizing continually is a constant reminder that objectively, the reality that is before me is a falsehood and that there really is no such thing. Our reality is a perception of causes impressed upon us, fed through a filter, and then echoed out into what we experience, in many ways already arisen and passed by the time we can even begin to note it. 

This along with my previous post (which I will post under this) make me think I have gone over a tipping point! But it may be that I am merely riding a long A&P wave of sorts. I would really love some advice or guidance in this! Thank you all, this community is so very helpful. 

Here is my previous post: 

I am going to get right to the point. 

There is nothing to note except noting, yet even that is the echo of a reflection. There is nothing at all to search for, nothing at all to find, nothing to sit with, and nothing sitting. There is no intention, any intention obscures the direct perception of now, there is no goal any goal obscures the path. The path is the goal, the goal is the path. There is no thing that isn't directly experienced and thus noted, through the direct awareness and experience of now we note all phenomena that aren't coming and aren't going. Through direct and immediate insight into the three doors this becomes crystiline and (forgive me for my repition) immediately obvious at all points and times now. 

My meditation has shifted. Why didn't I get out of my own way sooner? Why didn't I listen to the lessons, advice, and teachings I had heard and read a thousand times? It isn't that everything is gumdrops and rainbows with a luminous clear light all the time now, but at a much much faster pace than before things can be noticed, awareness can be utilized, and discursive thoughts and emotions let go. 

I beleive, after much reflection and consideration from several texts, I may have entered into the Stream. I would be happy to awnser any and all questions concerning. As well, i just wanted to say thank you to this community for being a pillar of support for my practice and the practice of many others.

RE: Reflections on a Breakthrough 2: Electric Boogaloo
9/3/19 11:03 AM as a reply to Silas Day.
is this a practice log?

RE: Reflections on a Breakthrough 2: Electric Boogaloo
9/3/19 12:19 PM as a reply to Shaun Steelgrave.
no just trying to give context so that if someone does come with advice or suggestion they have it

RE: Reflections on a Breakthrough 2: Electric Boogaloo
9/3/19 2:22 PM as a reply to Silas Day.
silas, i'd be curious to hear your input on "Fruitions at different paths" thread