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Mind, Time and Space all one

Mind, Time and Space all one
9/8/19 10:10 PM
History of my Experience into Mind

To keep this short, I have studied the Hebrew language all my life down to the meaning of the letters.  At some point a few years ago, I decided to study Sanskrit by ordering an old Sanskrit Encyclopedia.  As it turns out, this encyclopedia held the inner esoteric meanings of the language, which I immediately noticed were perfect parallels to many Hebrew words.  I annotated the entire 1000 page book in just under a year.

Around the same time, I began to meditate.  The linguistics I had learned began to sprout like seed in my mind, allowing me to find the following information, which I will try to elaborate if anyone is interested.  By the way, please do not buy my book listed in the thumbnail below. This is not an advertisement.  I could care less if the book is ordered, but had to write it.  The inspiration came over me in the process of reaching the understanding, which allowed me to author 4 books on the subject of enlightenment from Hebrew and Sanskrit sources.  This is not about the book.  It's about the value of what I found, all summarized here:

If you are not versed in the terms, this might be confusing.  One easy term you might recognize is Egypt in relation to Israel.  Taking his people across the wilderness from Egypt is a story most can relate to from the Bible.  Consider it salvation from Samsara by the Eastern light.  Here's the simple version:

10 Worlds of Buddhism

If you start with the 10 worlds of Buddhism, then arrange them into the three Gunas, you arrive at the key to the six worlds of Samsara as Time and Space.  Sattva, meaning True Being is the Mind.  Rajas is passion, or time.  Dimensionally, they are arranged Line, Branch and Fold.  Just as our 3D world is conceived by dimension, the higher realms are arranged in the same Line, Branch and Fold parallel.  Knowing this allows our mind to then arrange the mind above by right view.  Right nature from meditation then gives unity.  The three jewels are just this: Buddha (Identity), Dharma (Nature) and Sangha (unity of relatives).  Note how the three Jewels are Sattva (Buddha), Rajas (Nature of Time) and Sangha (all the Relatives to the Absolute in form).  Samsara and Nirvana the same.  Mind Only!  

As a Tree Grows

In the Bible, we have the allusion to the Tree of Life.  In Buddhism, the same tree is the Bodhi.  Dharma is the nature of the tree.  Note from my list, all trees grow from the crown of the seed up and down.  From the crown, at the level of the soil and air, we have a line going up, then branching of roots and limbs, followed by the enfoldment of the tree and its fruit.  It's in an endless cycle, as are all the dimensions in parallel.  

Meditation - Humans on the 5th Dimensional Plane of Existence

When you meditate, you are Manu residing between the folded timelines and the line of time as it enters form (Tamas).  Remember, you are the crown.  Above you the Mind as Fruit.  Below, the roots in Samsara.  The illusion of Tamas is the world of forms we see around us all the time.  Manu is the branch, or the one who selects a indeterminate timeline and makes the choice to collapse it (branch) to the world of form (Tamas).  Rajas is passion, or time.  The first six dimensions are parallel to the mind above, also Line, Branch and Fold.  Consider Time and Space as the first six worlds, or Samsara.  Samsara is where you think you are, but in truth, you are above in Mind Only.  I'll explain this in a bit. 

When you meditate, you are resting the illusion of time and space, calming it enough to reach above to the 7th dimension (learning).  This is the defeat of Mara, who is said to rule the sixth world above Manu.  Yama is the judge, or ruler of the underworld.  Yama is also considered self-control, or the mechanism of the mind judging our actions in form below.  This is where cause and effect builds the world below from mind into time.  

The goal of meditation is to rise into rest and learning.  From this, we reconstruct our collective mind.  

Absolute Mind in Dimension 10

Dimension 10 is the Tao 1 unmanifest mind of God.  This is the Father.  Below, the Son of God / Mother is 9, or the collective fold of the image of the Father projected into creation.  The Son / Mother / Brahman is the folded mind as one in creation.  In 8, the one mind of the Son branches into each of us.  In 7, each mind then drops into time, which many call the astral plane of all possibilities.  If you experience an out of body event, you are in 6.  

6 is the folded timeline of all beings above.  5 is Mankind, or the event horizon as we choose and build thet world with our mind.  4 is each timeline collapsing into form below.  What we see around us are all the cause and effect of our mind changing states in Samsara.  You can only sense the world around you when awake in Samsara.  


While you live the dream here in the lower six worlds, your mind is asleep above.  Meditation reaches back, shinging your light back to the mind above and awakening it little by little.  Each time you sit, you bring some of your Identity, Nature and Unity back with you.  Unity is the 9th dimension, or all of us as one unity. 

In truth, we do not meditate here.  Meditation is what our mind is doing above, building this world we see.  Now just go read the opening lines of the Diamond Sutra.  Putting on the Robe is this body in Samsara.  The bowl you fill with food (Knowledge) is the mind.  You follow your Guru here with an assembly of migratings spiritual beings.  When you die, you return, take off the robe, consume the knowledge and again sit to learn in 7.  

Realization is possible here, which is how I have gleaned this information from both meditation and the Sutras.  Without Hebrew, I never could have figured it out.  Language and letters are seeds.  Meditation is the cultivation of the garden.  


According to a few Koans, once a person reaches knowledge of the Dharma in enlightenment, they must relate the Dharma to the Mother.  She then requires the Bodhisattva to return.  As the 3 Ox lines go, Compassion must be the domesticated ox serving the family (Assembly).  In Christian terms, this is Christ returning for his Church (Assembly).  Bodhisattva comes after learning brings the mind into the Branch (Realization of Relative and Absolute).  Buddha is complete when suffering benings are released from suffering.  


As I stated earlier, we are meditating this world into existence from our Sattva (true being) above.  Manu in Sanskrit means, "to think."  Every day you are awake here, you are in meditation above in Mind, which builds this world as a reality.  Practice here is a pointer back there.  


-Watching the breath - examining what comes into the mind and how it comes out by cause and effect  

-Posture - Good character

-Speech from Mind and Body.  Speech are your actions from mind, through time and into form.  You often hear Mind, Body and Speech listed in the Sutras and meditation instructions as the three parallels to the Guans, or Sattva (mind), Rajas (Time) and Tamas (Form).  Speech is how your mind changes states in form.  

-Calming the Mind.  As stated before, this is self-control over the manifestation of timelines and form.  Calming your building of the world, while remaining conscious, allows you to reach your higher mind and experience it above.  No Karma above, so this state of calm nature above is then dragged back into this world with you.  It's much like a software update.  

-Upright Head - Keeping you from going back to sleep.  Compare the three Gunas to your body.

1.  MIND - Higher Nature
2.  HEART - Mid section (Time)
3.  Underworld is your ignorance (Tamas).  Form is what you see and experience here in the underworld.  Rising above Hell, the angry ghost and anger is reaching your humanity at the heart.  Form this, you rise to Bodhisattva easily. 

Now that you know the essence, you can now simply compare all the practices of meditation accordingly.  Yama regulates the underworld.  These are the requirements of Yoga and Meditation.  Once mastered, the mind is then slowly realized.  From this, you are the OX going to town.  

All 10 worlds are parallel to the Buhmi and the Ox Herding pictures.  Also, the 10 commandments and graven imgaes.  Where do you see graven images?  In Tamas (Form).  The 10 commandments start with ONE God.  

There are so many more parallels, I cannot list them all.  Keep in mind (Sattva), this is just a key to help you get the rest on your own.