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Dealing with the Dark Night

RE: Overdoing it in Equanimity

RE: Overdoing it in Equanimity
9/29/19 1:36 PM
Hi all, thank you for the replies. DhO is VERY inaccessible and it is really difficult for me to post here so do forgive the late reply. I’ll try to answer a few points here: Agnostic: Pleasure drops away in the 4th vipassana jhana which is what I’m describing here. When i say a brief flash of pleasure I just mean that I’m skipping over 2nd/3rd fairly fast or just catching the tail end of 3rd perhaps before sinking into 4th / EQInteresting what you say about your headaches. Mine show no sign of abating but I hope they go like yours at some point! emoticonJason Massy: Unless your fridn only just went blind they probably know how to have their phone read kindle books to them already. That’s how I do it. I don’t seem to be able to put less effort in, it’s kind of automatic… but I do get what you mean and “allowing the process to happen” has helpd  a bit. Sponk: I have  heriditory condition called retinitis pigmentosa. It’s not come as a surprise to me. Just came a bit suddenly the last couple of years.