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My YT vid addressing this subject

My YT vid addressing this subject
10/17/19 4:39 PM
Greetings to All,

I know this is late to be chiming in, but I finally got around to posting a video on this general subject. I made it because I've been hearing a lot of confusion in the broader commumity regarding the relationship between meditation development and morality.  If anyone is interested, here is the link.
Love and blessings to all,

Daniel B

RE: My YT vid addressing this subject
10/17/19 11:51 PM as a reply to Daniel B.
Daniel, thanks for taking the time to put a video up. At the risk of sparking another forum eating thread... If I may offer some food for thought, how to account under this model for the steady stream of teachers recognized as very realized, verifiably backed up by assisting many others in becoming realized, who nonetheless commit obvious moral transgressions? Personally I don't think it's so much a question of whether or not there is interaction and support between morality and awakening (In the strict non-dual perception sense), but rather a more technical question of whether they are as tightly linked as the fetter model suggests when applied to that same narrow understanding of awakening. The problem IMO comes when people slide into taking their perceived attainment as a license to slack, or bypass, or compartmentalize a complementary active moral practice because they believe they now have it on a lock (And for their followers to enable them in doing so).

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