"Ex on The Beach" (reality show) with Enlightened Masters

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"Ex on The Beach" (reality show) with Enlightened Masters

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Here in Scandinavia we have this reality show called Ex on The Beach, which I believe originated in the UK or the states. 

The pitch: 
"Let's put some outrageous, young, attractive six-packed party people onto a resort island, 50:50 guy girl ratio, give them all the booze they have ever dreamed of, and after a few weeks we have their exes come in and join the fun".

I can tell stories from the show or show clips but I'm sure your minds can imagine possible dramatic scenarios well enough.

I've begun fantasizing about a spiritual version of the show, which I know would be fairly dramatic and at LEAST equally entertaining, depending on how many members from the tantra community we allow on the show (no disrespect to tantra practioners, whom I usually enjoy hanging out with very much).

Then I thought of the enlightened master version.

Anybody who is enlightened, non-mappers and map-nuns. The premise is the same. 50:50 ratio guy girl, exotic island, exes come in after a few weeks. I suspect there would be less drinking but we can keep the booze available too. 

What do you guys imagine we would see on the screen?

Heaven on earth? A world championship in passive aggressiveness? 
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RE: "Ex on The Beach" (reality show) with Enlightened Masters

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The only scenario I can see this playing out well in would be when the Arahant becomes the average joe.
Lotta folk on this path tend to dismiss concepts like the ego or denounce the identity. These are just tools to be used, not to be controlled by.
I like to think of the ego now as a hammer. You can hit yourself in the face with it, or lay the foundation for your life... Having no attachment doesn't mean casting one's humanity out. To be absolutely sincere with you fam and this is just my opinion, it's a huge problem within the meditative community; false enlightenment.
I grew up meditating and had never crystallized an identity. If I must be anything, I am just a life. I then saw how deconstructing the ego would turn dramatic or tedious for people. In my case, developing one was quite difficult at first but super necessary once I hit adulthood.
I severely lacked the social skills needed to prosper in a society. I wasn't very good at this whole "human" thing. From my practice, I learned to fully and completely engage with the emotional spectrum but that alone isn't enough to relate to anyone's anything when isolation nurtures you. what I took from this was, that if you want to attain to the highest state possible in this reality, you should also try to sink into who you are and be an absolute human.
This hypothetically could help in that endeavor... emoticon 

So hypothetically speaking.... I would like to see a sanctioned fight between two enlightened beings in hopes of seeing a real 
bodhisattva fist. A punch that utilizes the full rotation of each joint starting from the waist and up the spine and down the arm complete with a fluid hand that clenches at the moment of impact.