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Jhanas, Insight & Noting

Jhanas, Insight & Noting
12/16/19 5:08 PM
Experienced meditator with a jhana-focused practice. Able to establish the first three soft jhanas pretty much every sit with various objects such as the breath, metta, or a matra. Things are going well in terms of my concentration practice but not so much with the insight.

While I've recently started to experience some of the vibratory sensate experiences outlined in MCTB 2 (still working my way through the book), I have some questions:

1. Would noting be of value at this stage or is mixing the soft jhanas and noting a bad idea? (Got curious because of Daniel's strong endorsement.) Or would you just recommend pushing for 4th jhana, which is reputedly especially helpful for insight practice?

2. If you feel that noting would be value, do you recommend using it pre jhana, post jhana, or both?

3. Has anybody found that mixing noting and jhanas made the latter harder to access?


RE: Jhanas, Insight & Noting
12/16/19 6:12 PM as a reply to Fainting Goat.
Hi Fainting Goat,

I'm a relative beginner meditator with more of an insight focus, but I do jhana practice nearly every morning before doing insight.  So maybe I can help a little,

I found that fast noting, in the range of 5+ notes/sec makes it very hard to stay in what presents as a more jhanic state.  So, if you decide you want to get into fast noting, start doing that and the affect of the jhana is likely to change.  

This video is also helpful I think for this question,

RE: Jhanas, Insight & Noting
1/14/20 12:58 PM as a reply to Fainting Goat.
If you're making progress through jhanas, you might like Ven. Vimalaramsi's TWIM 6R method. The gist of it is that you purify the mind of craving and eventually see dependent origination.