Europe Retreat Center / Teacher Recommendations

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Europe Retreat Center / Teacher Recommendations

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Hello -

I recently relocated to the Netherlands from LA and am looking for retreat centers and practice communities. I've done about six 10-dayers in Shinzen Young's world, and a 10 day at Chanmyay Yeiktha in Yangon.

So, I dig noting. And Metta. It would be great to find a kind, knowledgeable/attained, English-speaking teacher available on a retreat basis in Europe. Comfortable facilities in a beautiful place with a tolerance for yoga would be a big plus. 

I really appreciate any recommendations for places to check out or other communities to put the question to. Thank you.
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RE: Europe Retreat Center / Teacher Recommendations

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Prominent Centers - Best option for English language retreats in Europe - Swiss center, occasionally hosts prominent English-speaking teachers

Closer to you, but less English

Finding a teacher in Shinzen's mold is going to be hard. Best approximation on this side of the pond is probably to get regular online guidance and be more flexible about where / with whom to retreat. Gives you the chance to sample various approaches, etc.