Trobule with Reichian Work

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Trobule with Reichian Work

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Hello, need some help concerning Reichian therapy.

I worked a long time with the Willis book now, made good progress with breathing and cleared the ocular segement to maybe about 50%. Because i got strong responses in my dreams i decided to stop the work for a few weeks. After 1 or 2 months of break, i started with the Regardie relaxation techniques.

They are a wonderful tool to eliminate nervous tensions, but after 1-2 daily sessions for a couple days or weeks some really harsh and gross dreams have started to arise. Then i read in the Willis book that these kind of mediation / relaxation exercises are equal to a reichian passive session. The problem is here, that these can only be done after clearing the eye segement completely and after you have finished the usual passive session for a few times.

That means Regardies relaxation techniques (= meditation with focus on body) equals the advanced reichian passive session. So i did very advanced work, Willis exclusivley mentioned that these can do great psychological damage if done too early.

I dont know if it somehow harms me, but i have like the most weird dreams ever. They are brutal and sadistic.

I stopped the conventional reichian work when i had dreams that i sit in my car and cant stop while driving downward a hill, and then i parked the car on the sidewalk and stopped and activated the hand brake --> symbol for stopping the work, downward movement = energy coming downward from the eye and oral segement. Or similar a dream that my car gets washed downward a hill because of massive water flow and i smashed in the hand brake. 

Since the relaxation work of Regardie they are not anymore interpretative, dont know what they acutally mean. 

For example:

1. Got the dream that  i crash my car into bricks on purpose and concurrently  hit an animal in two pieces. It decided to attack me and my father and i was looking for a knife to kill it

2. A person (dont want to reveal who) wanted to choke me with thumbtack pinned to  his hand. 
    In the same night: Someone who went in school with me long years ago took my glasses, broke them, walked frustrated away talking           nothing.  I confronted him and hit his face blue and yellow and he just endured with no reactions.

3. Im in psychiatry. The scene is almost complete dark, only a sparse lumination.There is a kind of sick employer which is sadistic and misuses his position. A dark scary person with a hidden face comes inside and tied him up to the wall. The dark person sleeps in his cell and im closely observing him with great levels of fear. He says he wants to torture the cruel employe. Im not willing to let him do so and im kinda trying to prevent the torture. He agrees but changes his plane and instead will sexually abuse him for the next three weeks.

I act very harsh and brutal in my dreams , while concurrently, my aggression ( enormously and positively freed trough Reichian work) is now on  a minimum in real life and i feel kinda shy and incompetent and worthless. And these days people reacted very harsh to me aswell.

Im not really frightend, but i want to know what is going on. Im also still suffering partially from dissociation and especially derealisation.

Could it be possible that i can get into a holding state (= armor that develops, because advanced work is done too early, and which is hard to break). General reichian term for holding state is hook as far as i know.

Would love to hear some opinions on that

Thank you.