Thai Forest Concentration Instructions

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Thai Forest Concentration Instructions

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Below is a link for a talk from Thanissaro Bhiku that discusses and provides a bare outline of instructions for breath meditation that differs a bit from (most) standard approaches to concentration/samadhi. It presents an approach that doesn't make a significant distinction between insight and tranquility meditation. I hope it will be helpful to those seeking to untangle the confusion/contradictions related to concentration practices and how they are taught, etc.

I have found this instruction/perspective/practice very helpful. Though as with all dharma, you have to feel your way to the place that's right for you--maybe realizing well after the fact that you were already there to begin with:

The talk title is "The Teachings of Ajahn Lee" given on 2011-04-25

If this is interesting to you, seek out Ajahn Lee's teachings in these books:

Inner Strength
Keeping the Breath in Mind

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RE: Thai Forest Concentration Instructions

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looks interesting.

bookmarked. I'll reply back when I have a few free hours to check it out.