Open Eyed Meditation And Visuals & Other Experiences

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Open Eyed Meditation And Visuals & Other Experiences

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I started meditating in April (been at it for 2 months so far). I got great results at the beginning, feeling calm, focused. In fact my 2nd day I slipped into a choicelss meditation type mode, where I ended up being completely devoid of any thought and only saw things as they happened out there, in other words, I heard a car, the sound didn't register mentally, I heard it in space, which was really cool.

My 2nd week, I started meditating with my eyes closed and hit a Samandhi Jhana, I was really tranquil after the session and felt great afterwards.

I presently meditate with my eyes closed as I find it's easier to concentrate. However I have done meditation for my first month on and off with open eyes. After a while of open eyed meditation I started seeing Phosphenes (the bright colours you see when you close your eyes, they can vary in colour see: with my eyes open, it's neat, but I pay it no regard. I read this is a nimitta (mark of) at least access concentration.

I've been doing closed eyed noting meditation and it's been quite good so far.

Does anyone have further insight to these experiences?