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New Interview: Glenn Mullin – Death, Divination, And Sacred Relics

Hi everyone,

Here's a new interview with Glenn Mullin. We talk about a lot of interesting things including tukdam, rainbow body, ringsels, and divination.

Let me know what you think :-)

Audio version of this podcast also available on iTunes and Stitcher – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.


From the shownotes:

In this episode I am once again joined by Tibetologist, author, and Tantric Buddhism teacher Glenn Mullin.

We discuss tukdam and rainbow body, the mysterious after-death phenomena in which accomplished yogis can remain in suspended animation for days or weeks after death or dissolve their bodies into their elemental constituents.

We hear about the remarkable death of one of Glenn’s own gurus, which he witnessed first hand, as well as discuss the means of communicating with deceased masters through relics and dreams.

We also discuss the practices of phowa, consciousness projection at the time of death, and drong juk, the forceful projection of one’s consciousness into a fresh corpse.

And finally we discuss the Tibetan tradition of reading omens about the time of one’s own death, and how to listen for signs and guidance from the natural world.

Topics Include:

0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – Tukdam, suspended animation of the body after death
11:54 – The death of Glenn’s guru, Namgyel Khensur Rinpoche
18:53 – Being a role model to others
20:57 – Cultural attitudes towards death
27:25 – Chakrasamvara Tantra teachings on death
31:12 – Rainbow body, another way to die
35:09 – Tukdam vs rainbow body, and relics (ringsel) of a deceased master
39:38 – Communicating with deceased masters through their relics
47:32 – The relics of the Buddha
50:54 – Phowa, consciousness projection at the time of death
55:39 – Drong juk, the forceful projection of consciousness into a corpse
1:01:00 – Ancient civilisations and pan-Asian energy techniques
1:02:27 – Death rituals of the Lamas
1:04:30 – Tantric methods of foretelling one’s own death
1:10:08 – Glenn’s personal approach to divination
1:12:08 – Listening to messages from birds, clouds, and nature

RE: New Interview: Glenn Mullin – Death, Divination, And Sacred Relics
4/5/20 1:52 PM as a reply to Steve James.
Super cool.  This book has detailed instructions on consciousness transference into a fresh corpse, for what it's worth:

Self-Arising Three-fold Embodiment of Enlightenment by Daniel P Brown