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Gijs practicelog

Gijs practicelog
4/4/20 5:15 PM
Hey im making a practice log hoping that participating more actively in this community will be a boon for my practice. My background is in math (fulltime) and I do some western and eastern philosophy more parttime.
Right now corona lockdown allows me to practice about 1 hour a day mostly doing light-on-the-ceiling-kasina, while laying on the floor. However a recent interview with Daniel he mentions that a daily practicionar doing 3 hours a day still has quite the route ahead of him. My goal is twofold, id like to to some concentration practices and metta practices that i believe would be quite good for me in daily life. Then the way im looking at it just seems awesome to attain first path.
The logical plan to me seems to get great concentration (never entered jhannas i believe), and at a certain point try for an insight practice. 
Hope I'll have some readers!, greetings and good luck