I had a weird dream and it felt painful right after I woke up...

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I had a weird dream and it felt painful right after I woke up...

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So basically, my dream started out as me seeing this woman, who I'm guessing was in her mid twenties. She also weared old fashioned Asian clothing (kimono, hair kinda put up, make up on, etc.).

She greeted me by saying "Oh, so you seemed to be dead as well." I was confused by this and she just told me "nevermind.." before switching this whole setting into an apartment with her feeding a guy with soup (it had carrots, corn, and chicken.) 

It started becoming a song or a chill rap song when she started to hum/sing. I don't remember the lyrics but the whole point of the song was about him not wanting to eat the same food repeatedly but also knowing he doesn't have enough money to buy something. The only money he had was for rent and that was in his credit card but that was about it for that lyric(since that's what I remember for that part of the song). He must've done this continously cause it seemed like the woman had enough of his bickering. She soons vanishes and the last part of the lyric was to "off myself." Following with a gunshot noise as well as a flash of light.

Next thing I knew, for a split second the black void turn red with, I guess, blood flowing downward. The flash was still there but when I woke up, it was hard for my to open my eyes, like my body wanted me to go back to sleep. It was hard for me to get up as well, it felt like something was trying to pull me down with them. I remember it was painful for my chest and back area, my head was pounding, I was trying to breathe, and in total, looked like a zombie trying to get up. 

I don't know what was that whole nightmare about but I just feel the pain and painful cold chill that I felt last night. This was my second nightmare that happened last night, the first didn't affect me as badly as this one, but was still scary for me. Also this all happen during the storm last night. Can someone help me understand what was that dream about please. 
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RE: I had a weird dream and it felt painful right after I woke up...

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Hi and welcome,

I wouldn't call it a nightmare, instead an invaluable window of opportinuty to get access to deeper layers of your mind/psyche, that can help you know yourself better.