namaste bitches

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namaste bitches

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Hello everyone!

There's beenĀ  a couple of vitriolic threads recently and when Chris M said he was locking them out I said "Thank Fuck For That".

So as i bit of light relief i offer the pilot series of story from the world of yoga in LA, from maybe 1-2 years ago. (oops, 2015 actually)

It was a pilot, i think now they've got some cash and it's transformed into a mediation group of bored housewives (sorry I only looked at the opening 30 sec), but I like the original pilot, I was practicing at the time, and my teacher recognised something in it.

6 short eposodes and very amusing 8-D, soothing in fact i hope.

If you want to see what's happened since then ggogle may be your frieind, but guess what, i prefer DuckDuckgo.