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Hey everyone,

I'm a long-time lurker but decided to start posting. The point in practice that I'm at is not as straightforward as it was when I was working on straight-up vipassana, so I've decided to come out of my secluded dharma cave so as to get feedback on my own practice and to try to be a help to others if possible.

My background: 4th path by my own lights, attained it approximately one year ago, didn't really go anywhere useful from there until a short while ago when I met Kenneth Folk in person and he said some pithy and insightful things to me that made it very clear where my practice needed to go.

I have a practice thread on KFD if you want to read about my background and what I'm doing now.!

My final goal: absolutely nothing. I do everything step-by-step because I can only see one step ahead of me. The next step for me is what Kenneth describes as the 6th stage of enlightenment (permanently recognizing that "emotions" are nothing other than body sensations). The method is cultivating EEs / PCEs, so my subgoal is to get really good at that.