Muscle Tonus and Quality of Consciousness

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Muscle Tonus and Quality of Consciousness

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I'm going to try to describe something of a who came first the chicken or the egg type of thing. There's much talk about trauma being stored in certains patterns of "holding" in the muscles, particularly the psoas. Further, there's the concept of muscle or nerve tonus, and how states of anxiety are accompanied by a higher tonus in the muscles, which over time can translate to chronic contraction. It seems to me the tension in the muscles affect the quality of consciousness, such that the "higher frequency" I observe within also carries within it a screaming abyss of a sort of friction and a pulse of what feels like spiking behaviour in the nervous system. It's as if the muscle tonus feeds into the generation of the embodied experience, and as such this tension feels like a quality of consciousness, and it becomes unclear which came first: the muscle tonus or the perceived tension in consciousness? How is this muscle tonus related to the neurological symptoms people experience throughout the stages, and how is that interface between the largest muscle in the body, the psoas core, and awareness itself? How to meditate from here? The tension in the body is often of such magnitude that it sucks the attention effectively away from the breath and opens up some sort of kaleidoscopic inner vista of color navigating this holomatrix of subtle tension in the flesh. Just return to the breath and have faith that there will be some sort of emergence at some point?

It is unclear to me whether stretching works in this case, like yoga or pilates or whatever, because should you stretch a muscle that is strung high? Is this where I just simply have to unify the mind with the breath, and my multiple brains will all align and my traumas dissolve into blissfull states of infinite interbeing laced with golden threads throughout the multicolored fabric of Divine ecstatic existence, or is this the time to seek some serious energy practice with experienced people?

Thank you for your time.